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“South African wine industry is making the best wines in its 358 year history and the industry is dynamic, exciting, and still evolving.  A match for any other New World [wine] country in terms of quality and ahead of the field on value” —Tim Atkin - Master of Wine

South African Wine Shows Double-Digit Progress

"While South African wine sales have largely been stuck in neutral in the U.S. for the past several years, the category has posted stronger results. According to Nielsen, the South Africa category grew 14% by volume in the 52 weeks through July 16, while value increased 25%. The Wines of South Africa trade group attributed the improved fortunes to increased importer focus on small-production and high-end wines. Chenin Blanc and South African Methode Cap Classique sparkling wines have been particular bright spots." —Shanken Daily News 2016





Region | Coastal REGION • District | Stellenbosch — SOMMERSET WEST

“It was improbable that I would ever find the plot of land needed, but my worldwide search spanning more than a decade ended when we discovered a natural amphitheatre lying 1000 feet above and just two miles from False Bay on the Schapenberg. 

Decisions were then taken on appropriate cultivars, planting density and training. Biodynamic farming practices were implemented. Vinification and maturation techniques were determined, a cellar was designed to facilitate these methods and construction began. The final and critical ingredient? A great team of people with a common goal: To produce fine wine.”

—Paul Boutinot, Former waiter, sommelier, wine importer, winemaker and now Custodian at Waterkloof





Region | Coastal REGION

Named after South Africa’s most iconic bay, which frames much of the country’s premium winelands, False Bay Vineyards was borne out of a desire to make ‘real’ wine affordable.

In 1994, Paul Boutinot came to the Western Cape to seek out and rescue grapes from old, balanced and under-appreciated vineyards. Unusually for that time, Paul transformed those Cape gems into wines with a minimum of intervention: Wild yeast ferments, no acid additions…you know the drill. A familiar story to many ‘real wine’ lovers now, but back then he was swimming against the tide. Even today, making wine this way at the price-level is almost unheard of.

Today the ingredients remain the same for Waterkloof’s Cellar— Master Nadia Barnard: Fantastic coastal fruit, old vines and wild yeast abound, with additions avoided.





Region | Coastal REGION • District | PAARL

At Avondale, we make extraordinary wines approved by Mother Nature. Our ethos, Terra Est Vita meaning ‘Soil is Life’ encapsulates our view of Avondale Estate as a dynamic living system where soil, water and energy; plants, animals and people; even our buildings, are part of a complex web of relationships and networks. We uphold the key principle of Life—to constantly create conditions conducive to more Life.  

Certified Organic and practicing Biodynamic agriculture, we go beyond both these beneficial systems of natural farming by using the best 21st Century science, technology and knowledge to enhance sustainability.  

The vigour of our well-tended vines leads to excellent grapes bursting with fresh flavours that are evident in our individually-styled, classic wines, so full of life and character.






Region | Breede River Valley • District | Robertson • Ward | Bonnievale 

“My philosophy is to create great single vineyard wines from unique soil, climate and location. It’s the soil with all the microbes, cycle of elements and the help of living organisms that create the heartbeat for my vines. The location towards the sun wind and holistic climatical conditions reflects the uniqueness of each vineyard.”


“All my Single Vineyard Wines are made with minimal interference throughout the vinification. During fermentation natural yeasts are used with no enzymes.  Maturation takes place in neutral vessels to bring through the unique vineyard characteristics, that’s specific to the site. The handcrafted approach by human nature helps to add to the final balance of this unique product.” 

— Lourens Van der Westhuizen, wine maker 

The term “single vineyard wine” may only be used for wine produced from grapes derived from a unit officially registered for the production of single vineyard wine. Such a unit must consist of a single variety and the area may not exceed 6 hectares. —






The history of Mont Blois Wine Estate and the Bruwer family begins in 1869 when the first farm was bought. Six generations later, Ernst Bruwer now manages our three farms in Robertson: namely Mont Blois, La Fontaine and Sunshine. The Mont Blois Wynlandgoed cellar was built in 1884. 

The farm is named after the picturesque town of Blois in the Loire where the Bruwers came from. Owner Ernst Bruwer took over from his Grandfather Ernst Bruwer Sr. He believed in sustainable farming and that older vineyards should be cared for. 

Winemaker Nina-Mari and Ernst met whilst studying Viticulture & Enology together at Stellenbosch University. Nina-Mari joined the Mont Blois team in 2008. In 2014, Nina-Mari was awarded with the prestigious title of Cape Wine Master. The husband and wife team are passionate about making site specific quality wines. 





Region | CAPE SOUTH COAST • District | ELGIN 

Oak Valley Estate is a 5th generation family farm owned by the Rawbone-Viljoen family since 1898 when the property was purchased by Sir Antonie Viljoen. In 1902, Antonie planted the first Semillon and Cinsault and in 1908 he built the first wine cellar in Elgin. 

With vineyards 500m above sea level, the high altitude, cool south-easterly winds, cloud cover and cold winters make Elgin the coolest wine region in South Africa. This cool climate allows for the gradual ripening of grapes, creating wines of delicacy, freshness, flavour and balance.

Towering above our vineyard is the Groenlandberg mountain with its highest peak of 1,181m. The Groenlandberg slows down ripening even further by casting its shadow over the vines and directing cold air down the valley at night. 

Our mission at Oak Valley is to produce world-class cool climate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that speak to our unique terroir.





Region | CAPE SOUTH COAST • District | ELGIN

“Spioenkop — “Spy Mountain” The Roose Family dreamed of a place where life can be treasured and grapes make one reflect on the beauty of the earth & nature. The Spioenkop estate is founded on steep slopes and ideal soils. 

All my wines are organic and vegan. I don’t use any product from animals, milk, gelatine, or fish. I have no certificates and never want to have them, they are money sucking scams!

I’m the only producer in Elgin that planted Pinotage.”

— Koen Roose





Region | Cape South Coast • District | Walker Bay

Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate is situated in the premium wine-growing area of Walker Bay, adjacent to the Bot River Lagoon and the shoreline of the South Atlantic Ocean a few minutes from Hermanus, South Africa’s whale watching capital. It is this unique location, when combined with the total terroir package, which makes these award-winning wines so exceptional.

The estate features its own custom built 400-ton winery with advanced technology to ensure total control of quality. Our winery equipment and fermenters have been innovatively designed to customize each grape cultivar, as we pursue the journey of treating each cultivar and vineyard with individual attention.





Region | Cape South Coast • District | Walker Bay

Brew Cru is dedicated to cool-climate wines from the Cape South Coast, sourcing grapes from maritime wine wards such as Elim and Walker Bay.

Both our Elim and Walker Bay vineyards share hardened landscapes with constant gusts of Atlantic sea wind which contributes to a cooler climate. This unique terroir provides extended ripening periods and extremely low yields resulting in small, intensely flavored berries with great potential.

Driven by a deep passion for Burgundian-style wines, we are constantly exploring the back roads of the Cape South Coast in search of unique vineyard pockets to produce authentic site-specific wines that reflect their wild origins. 




Handcrafted and Certified Sustainable, Aphaea is a red blend of the finest in estate grapes, offering a smooth, rich taste profile that features ripe, dense blackberry, with notes of chocolate, rich raspberry and bursts of wild strawberry. Creamy, molten blueberry lingers on the nose harmoniously balancing the long-lasting finish with whispers of cedar spices and wild fruit.

This lush palate experience takes its name from Aphaea, a lone, majestic tree rooted in the heart of South Africa’s Western Cape. Overlooking a luscious green valley and nestled on the foot of a magnificent mountain range, the stately Aphaea symbolizes the history and grandeur that is deeply embedded in this area.





Region | Cape South Coast • District | Walker Bay • Ward | Sunday’s Glen 

Were it not for the sheep, we would not have a story to tell. In the early 1800s, farmers from the Overberg region imported a teacher by the name of Hermanus Pieters to teach their children Dutch, the forefunner to the Afrikaans language. Mostly paid in sheep, they used to graze at a fountain where he camped. This spot soon became known as “Hermanus Pieters’ Fontein”. 

HPF combines a European mindset and gravity concept to minimize handling and intervention in the winemaking process. The conservation-conscious farm is located in South Africa’s cool climate, premium wine producing region and nestles in the sheltered mountainous area called Sondagskloof. Less than 20% under vine, our viticulture strategy focuses on low-yield farming in the interest of quality.