Jasper raats

Region | Coastal REGION • District | Stellenbosch


Jasper Raats’ private project, which consists of four wines. The philosophy is to make wines that are the purest expression of where the grapes are grown, in other words, wines with a sense of place and truly terroir-driven.  Single vineyard wines to the core, each wine is made with grapes coming exclusively from that block or vineyard parcel and is 100% of that variety. Jasper searched for years to find sites that express the ideal characteristics for what he desires most in each of the four varietals. Each wine carries the name of the vineyard (except Cuvée Rika) and is biodynamically farmed with natural fermentations. 

The term “single vineyard wine” may only be used for wine produced from grapes derived from a unit officially registered for the production of single vineyard wine. Such a unit must consist of a single variety and the area may not exceed 6 hectares.
— SAWIS.co.za