TRUVINO is a U.S. Importer, brand development, and brand management operation specializing in top quality wines and alc. beverages. We are entirely dedicated to a South African portfolio where 100% of our brands are Certified Sustainable and offer traceability down to the liter of every production.  Many of our offerings exceed this certification and are biodynamically farmed and naturally produced. We believe in Tru productions made by hands… 

We offer selections positioned for restauranteurs and retail at $9.99 to $100+ per bottle. Our goal is to over exceed in quality while offering a significant value to folks that enjoy the products. A number of our brands are nationally positioned, while the majority of the portfolio are hand crafted, boutique, unique productions.

Front to back integration, we may be divided by the “3 tier system” but we consider our partners both on the supply and customer side, family and Tru friends. We believe in total transparency from winery, to import, to distribution, and onward to the consumer. 



False Bay

Mont Blois
Oak Valley
Benguela Cove
Brew Cru



My first experience in the wine industry was thru an internship for a makeshift startup company whose entire portfolio existed only of 5 South African wines where I was tasked with selling to restaurants and retail in the Twin Cites area.  My first trip to the country was in 2005 and I have been back virtually every year since.  Rewind to the early years, there was a need to grow the portfolio so I ventured into most of the world’s major wine regions to include the following: Classified Bordeaux, Loire, Spain, Germany, Israel, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, and domestically (Napa, Sonoma, Willamette Valley, Washington State, Finger lakes, and Long Island).  A few years back I felt that something was missing in the US in terms of South African wines. The message and perception of South African wines was a bit misguided and misunderstood. The things that mattered to me were a 358 year old (wine) history, the local heritage, the diversity in soils and micro-climates, numerous mountain ranges weaving their way through the Wester Cape while being influenced by two major bodies of water (Atlantic and Indian Oceans), and the culture of the South African people - this was all unlike anywhere else in the world and untapped here at home in the USA. TruVino is a creation of many years in the making…the foundation is rooted in honest productions made by honest people. Over the years this idea kept drawing me back to South Africa. A leap of faith was required to pursue a South African portfolio. Our goal is to showcase the country’s unique terroir and friendships that have evolved over the years while presenting an undeniable value at every price point.

— Jesse Balsimo, CEO